Identity, invite, microsite + applications, 2020
Supervised by Owen Cramp 

Convergence is an exhibition to be held within the State Library of Victoria, as part of its ambitious expansion ‘Vision 2021’. The exhibition celebrates the remarkable lives and practices of Grant and Mary Featherston as one of the most significant partnerships in Australian design history.

The exhibition identity is based on the concept of ‘convergence’, which encompasses the interconnectedness of Grant and Mary’s timelines and the way that they came together, and began/continued on as individuals. It also reflects the many dual or opposing concepts within their practice and approach, and the convergence of these – including beauty and function, good design and everyday life, good design and affordability, manufacturing and design, the practical and the psychological. Although a word with lofty connotations, Convergence reflects the significant impact of the Featherstons on Australian design, and their sophisticated approach to innovation and design.

The responsive grid structure encapsulates this concept of convergence, acting as a dynamic framework to hold the various works and information, allowing them to be the focus.

The versatile identity has been adapted to various applications, including a folding A2 poster and invite, an exhibition microsite, column flags and a totebag.