Publication, 2020
Supervised by Tristan Ceddia

MAPS documents a collection of my Grandad Arthur Gough’s maps from the 1950s–1960s, that were once kept in the glove box of my grandparents’ car. They went on numerous road trips and used the maps within this collection when they were newlyweds, and later with their four children as they travelled around Victoria and surrounds on family holidays.

I chose to focus on the concept of scale, as a key feature of maps integral to interpreting them. I was drawn to the many intricate details that become apparent as their scale was increased. Each of the maps is presented at 75% scale, reflecting their real-life size relations to one another.

This collection speaks to a different era of journey planning, map reading skills and exciting road trips. No smart phones, GPS or Siri; just you and your paper map, on the road to adventure. 

The publication is a hard cover section-sewn linen-bound book, printed on 150gsm uncoated Sovereign Offset.