Melbourne Cinémathèque 

Identity + print and digital applications, 2020
Supervised by Warren Taylor 

Proposed visual identity for the 2021 Melbourne Cinémathèque campaign. The Melbourne Cinémathèque is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run film society dedicated to screening rare and significant films in their original format. My concept is based on the mechanics of early film, in terms of rotation, movement and frames, but also reflects the idea of cinema as an empathy machine, in which films are like windows that transport us to different worlds. The rotating discs form the main visual identity, along with the bold, condensed typography, and can be adapted to act as image holders in promoting particular film screenings as seen in various applications.

The contemporary and striking condensed typeface Formula Condensed has been paired with the classic sans-serif Times New Roman for the A1 calendar, to acknowledge the way that the film society attempts to bring older, avant-garde films into a contemporary setting. Additional applications include a range of digital promotional screens in both still and moving variations.