Alphabet, publication and posters, 2020
Supervised by Tristan Ceddia & Rick Milovanovic 

Soundform is a new proposed alphabet reflective of the sounds of Australian English. It is a featural alphabet, which means that the symbols visually encode phonological features of the sounds they represent, and are not just arbitrary symbols. The featural aspects of Soundform reference the places of articulation and voice organs involved in the production of each sound, as based on articulatory phonetics; the study of organs involved in speech production. These articulation elements have been reduced to a modular system of symbols which combine to form 35 characters, with no upper or lowercase variation.

Soundform proposes a new way of seeing English, connecting the sound to its visual construction within the mouth; sound + form.  

The new alphabet has been presented in a manual/specimen, which displays the new characters, their weights and usage, and provides information about each symbol and the foundations of the system.

Promotional posters play on the benefits of Soundform in overcoming current difficulties of English through its phonetic spelling and refinement of represented phonemes. The posters are designed for every Australian and alphabet-user, who can likely relate to and be amused by the references to English difficulties.